Writer’s Workshop – Why Another One?

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Writer’s Workshop – Why Another One?

Google “Screenwriting Classes” or “Writing Workshops” and you’ll find over a million results. That’s a lot of people who want to teach you how to write. Some have sold some scripts that were never made. And some have never sold anything at all. So why should they be telling you how to write saleable material?  I haven’t taken their classes but if they knew the “secrets” of writing a great movie, TV show or Broadway play, I wonder, why wouldn’t  they have done that? Not just once but many times?

Well, I have been a working writer in Hollywood for over 30 years.  I have had six movies produced including one that made more money in the year it was released than anything else. I have written five produced movies for television, a produced series, a Broadway play and tons and tons of scripts and pilots that were sold but not produced. Was I paid to write these scripts? I was. And well. I didn’t follow any formula as I wrote. I didn’t consciously think about the hero’s journey or the tragic flaw or what must happen in the fifth scene of the second act.  I learned the basic structure of each format and then I wrote from my gut. And along the way I learned a lot. What to do and not to do during a pitch. How to write an outline that will make writing the script far easier.  How to create characters and dialogue that “read” real.  How to deal with notes from studio execs, producers and directors once you sell that script.  And how to come up with new and fresh ideas for that next script when you think you’re all out of them.

My workshop will be like no one else’s because it’s personal. I will give you practical advice based on my thirty year (and still working!) career as a writer. And I will let you in on all the things I wish someone had told me thirty years ago. If you want to be able to look back years from now on all you’ve accomplished as a successful writer you can’t afford to miss my class.  And if you want to check out my credits yourself just look me up on IMDB.com

To read more about the next class I am offering or register, click this link:  Patricia Resnick Master Writer’s Workshop, June 23 – 24, 2012.

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