What I Learned From My Own Writers Workshop

Jun 25, 2012 by

What I Learned From My Own Writers Workshop

I spent the last two days with a wonderful group of people passing along some of the information I have gathered in my 35 years as a film, TV, animation and Broadway writer. They all told me they learned a lot from me but I learned a lot from them, as well.

  • Just because someone is starting out as a writer doesn’t mean they won’t have amazing ideas..even if this is a mid-life attempt at a career change.
  • Most people who want to write do it because they love movies, TV, etc. and not because they’re trying to make a quick buck.
  • No one is born with the innate knowledge that films have a 3 act structure, half hour tv – 4 act, TV movies-7 or 8 depending on the network. Someone has to teach them that.
  • People have lots of questions. Books about writing can’t respond to your questions. A live person, can.
  • Too many people are hurting themselves with negative self talk…”I’m terrible at pitching.” “I don’t know what I’m doing.” etc. As one of my students said today, “When you go in to sell something, leave your critic outside the door.”
  • Students can be extremely astute and generous about other students work.
  • Sometimes people need someone else to point out where the real strengths of their story lie.
  • What can a 17 year old, a 44 year old and a 75 year old have in common? Lots, if they are all writers!
  • And finally, I learned that passing along what I’ve learned from my own experiences is incredibly rewarding. Thanks to my very first class and I hope some of you can join me for my next.

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  1. cynematik

    As one of the incredibly lucky writers in Patricia Resnick’s Writing Workshop, I was able to pitch my project and get laser-beam feedback on how to strengthen the structure and convey the material more dramatically and powerfully to Creatives. It was an invaluable class that I highly recommend to serious writers who are ready to take their work to the next level! Thank you Patricia for sharing your knowledge, experience and brilliant coaching with each and every one of us. I can hardly wait for the Pitching Intensive!!

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